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About Josh Dobbin

Hello! I am Josh Dobbin, a human, being. I currently travel ninety miles per second around the sun, one hundred and thirty six miles per second around the galaxy, and one hundred and eighty five miles per second within the local cluster of known galaxies. I  accomplish these spectacular feats all while standing still.

Work stuff:

My career in web-based technology and production dates back to the the Ur days of dial-up, when AOL was king and Sandra Bullock faced the existential terror of THE NET.

I have worked variously as a web producer, designer, writer and administrator. I have done top level UX work for major companies like Tyson Foods, Crayola, BIC razors and lighters, as well as managed web based interactive projects across different social media platforms and technologies.  I’ve managed teams of graphic designers in e-commerce and worked with executives on IPO roadshow presentations. I’ve worked in PR for clients such as Toshiba, TDK, and Subway. I’ve written and sold articles on social media, television, trends and hobbies, and even once interviewed Cosmos star and celebrity astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson. If you go back far enough in my work history, I have been a stage magician’s assistant and logistics man, and a cleaner of ridiculously expensive Turkish and Armenian rugs.

Writing Stuff: I’ve written two books, The Queen of Teddybears and Of Love and Snackcakes And Other Short Works. The former I’m still seeking representation for but am resigned to the notion of only posthumous publication and recognition, and the latter you can buy on Amazon.

I am on file in New York Zoological Society as a specimen donated to the Bronx Zoo at birth. I am listed as a new species of reptile. (True!)

Social Media Stuff: I’m on Instagram, Twitter, Mastodon, and Facebook. I’ve got a Pinterest page, too that I made for a specific project once, but really, that’s a bit much.