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HOLIDAY Flashback, 2018

Hey, all! I’m re-starting my blog as a repository for general writing, thoughts, stories and things that get generally dispersed across different social media platforms, all to be lost, tears in the rain BLADE RUNNER style at some point.   To that end, a “Facebook Memory” surfaced from 2018, which read more as a blog […]


Here’s a long and sometimes rambling note to myself. TL; DR would be “What benefits a man if he gains the world but loses his soul? But also, don’t let assholes win.” It is also an obituary of sorts, for my involvement with a family I realize I’m actually not a part of in any meaningful […]

There is No Spoon or Dress. How to React to THE DRESS.

You are presented with a choice. A series of choices, honestly, with the recent distraction of the color-changing dress that has taken the Internet by storm like a Grumpy-Cat-Star-Wars-Kid-Bill-Cosby-Meme-Uma-Thurman-Did-Something-To-Her-Face blitzkrieg of complete and total but absolutely momentary domination. You can do the following things. 1) CHOOSE A TEAM. Are you team WHITE AND GOLD or […]