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Jack Silence, Chapter 1

I’m writing a kind of throwback “men’s adventure” novel, meant to be book 1 in a series of however many I’ve got in me. It’s sort of THE DESTROYER/Remo-and-Chiun meets Dr. Strange, meets the old 1970s SHAZAM! show, based on the now-public-domain weird fiction of Algernon Blackwell’s “John Silence” stories. This is the first chapter. […]

Nickolai and the Ifrit

I’ve got a bunch of illustrated children’s books that I’ve written. The problem is, they’re not illustrated; they’re unillustrated illustrated books. Sounds like a shitty zen koan, right? A partially realized dream, a half of a whole, but ultimately, a whole lotta nothing. A cloud of unrealized potential. Last year, I tried to go all […]